The 9 Secrets to Gardening That Nobody Tells You

1. Plants die and it’s not always your fault I always thought it was my fault plants die. I started gardening back in College, not extensively, but more like buying one of those “gardening packets” from Barns and Noble kids section, and wanting to grow elephant ears. I really hope I am not the only […]

Winter Gardening in Arkansas (Garlic, Kale, and More)

Mr. Code Junkie and I went back to his parents’ for Thanksgiving for a week and a half and we ate our weight in juicy turkey and delicious stuffings. It still feels like the parents’ house is the best since they have a stocked fridge full of wonderful surprises while our fridge looks like a […]

3 Things I Learned from Starting My Own Garden

1. Temperature is key to seed germination, but good seeds are also the key. When I first started gardening, I’d feel very discouraged after sowing 2-3 seeds of one plant and it never came up. I bought a heat mat, and babied the seedlings so much. I thought there couldn’t possibly be more that I […]

May Garden Update, Food Forest, and more

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a month since I started randomly planting things. Here’s what I planted in mid April. The chamomile didn’t make it. I am not sure how to take care of them after they sprouted. They all seem to die just a few days after sprouting. So that’s something to […]

(Almost) Zero Waste Gardening Progress

I am a bit of a black thumb when it comes to keeping plants alive. I am genuinely surprised I was able to keep my dog alive for this long.  Here are some of my gardening this year and tips to battling the black thumb! 1. Use the waste to create new life My “Infirmary” […]


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FIRE Progress: After Tracking Every Dollar for 18 Months

A year has passed since my first post about tracking expenses. It was hard at times, especially at the beginning of COVID lockdown in March 2020 where the stock market tanked for a few weeks. It was difficult to see my “networth” plummet 40% all in one night. In this year, I’ve continued tracking my […]


My life story in 30 seconds: I was an only child born and raised in Southwest China. I came to the U.S. for college when I was 16. I moved from Los Angeles to Arkansas in 2017 for a job. Then, I bought a house & planted some fruit trees in the backyard. These days, I […]